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Another day on the streets

July 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Today was a very interesting day for us. A few friends gathered together and went in downtown Lancaster to share our flyer once again. We left after about an hour having shared around 200 flyers and having talked with people who found it interesting and wanted to talk more about it. A couple of weeks ago when we did this for the first time a lot of people where welcoming our action and reading the flyer but few actually discussed what they really thought about it. Today however there was an amazing amount of people who showed very interested in what we had to say, they gave us their own input, we exchanged opinions on economic matters beyond Greece, they suggested further ways of action and showed a great sense of solidarity to this cause.

We were really amazed how it went down today. We got to discuss the overall political climate in Europe with other leftists, we talked about how England is going deeper into economic problems itself with elders that were worried, we talked with people that seemed sympathetic to our cause and despised the banks’ and governments’ behavior towards the people and others who were disgusted with the extreme violence that has been used against the peaceful demonstrations in Greece. There were also those who started by disagreeing with us but through a civilized discussion we helped them see the matter from the point of view of the people and not of the governments as it is depicted by the mass media. This resulted in softening their stance and understanding that the people are not the guilty ones in this economic crisis, they are the victims.

Some other peopleĀ  suggested we should do documentary viewings in pubs in Lancaster and go on sharing our ideas with similar actions in the future too. We were all very positively impressed by this response from all those people, all very different in themselves, of different backgrounds, of different age, of different education, of different cultures and nationalities (English, Spanish, Hungarians and others) yet all sympathetic to the struggle of the people in Greece.

Today’s experience has fueled our will to go on in the future with similar actions and we are already in the process of discussing further ways of action in coordination with other like-minded people in the area.

[This is the flyer that we shared today: Compared to the previous flyer there is an extra quote added at the end of the second page after getting permission from the original author – Nelli Kambouri].